December 2023

    R3i Impact Foundation's Visionary Planet43 Program is Mobilizing $1 Billion for advancing SDG Impact


    July 2023

    10 Transformational Leaders 2023


    Chapter contributor to "Competencies of the 21 Century/Competencies of Digital Era" and "Managers’ Development: Current and Upcoming Trends"


    March 2023

    10 elite Business Women to Watch in 2023


    September 2022

    The Race against Long COVID

    MedTech Outlook


    March 2022

    Phoenix Episode 3 - Economic Outlook - New and Old Money 25:13

    Phoenix Episode 3 - New and Old Money Trailer


    June 2021

    How Digital Biomarkers are driving forward our fight against neurocognitive diseases

    MedTech Outlook


    Jan 2021

    Chapter: Climate and Reputation Risks in an Asian Century, The Palgrave Handbook of Climate Resilient Societies, Palgrave McMillan


    November 2019

    Agritech Business Model Showcase - Traceability

    Grow Asia


    October 2019

    Take it from Singapore: how to shape the future of Smart Cities

    Poland Today


    Giants of new technology at Masters and Robots 2019



    September 2019

    Giants of new technologies in Warsaw at Masters and Robots 2019



    December 2018

    Mitigating the unintended consequences of technology

    StrategicRisk Europe


    October 2018

    Three career lessons from a Chief Innovation Officer



    June 2018

    Myanmar based mobile gaming subscription startup Goama launches in India



    Malaysian startup makes Klean sweep at Pitch@Palace

    Remarkable gathering of 18 entrepreneurs in first ASEAN level Pitch@Palace


    May 2018

    How the TRIUM EMBA is training the next generation of female business leaders

    Business Because


    Second edition: Book Chapter "Essentials of Future Governance" in "Wow How did you know that?" by Dr. Janson Yap and Dr. Nelson Nones


    February 2018

    Organisational design challenges: How you can ensure a climate conducive to business growth



    November 2017

    Book Chapter: Essentials of Future Governance by Dr. Janson Yap


    October 2017

    Real success is only ever achieved every hundred Startups

    Puls Biznesu


    July 2017

    The $USD16 billion tech problem

    Unfair treatment drives employee turnover


    June 2017

    Top Concerns

    Risk managers vote on top concerns of a product recall event


    May 2017

    Recalls and Reputation Risk

    Managing Product Recall Risk - The Journal - Strategic Risk Magazine


    February 2017

    Hidden problems that can trigger a chain reaction - Page 7

    Strategic Risk Magazine Special Report - Supply Chain Resilience


    Technology as a Risk, Cybercrime and Data Privacy - Pages 9-12
    MINDA Boardview Issue No.18


    November 2016

    One in four Aussie Corporates poor at measuring reputation risk

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    Firms should always assume they have been hacked

    Hong Kong Lawyer - Official Journal of the Law Society of Hong Kong


    October 2016

    Why a good reputation cushions the blow

    Strategic Risk Magazine Special Report - Product Recalls


    Mitigating medicine’s (alleged) costly slip-ups

    Strategic Risk Magazine Special Report - Healthcare Risks


    August 2016

    Eight tips for writing effective risk reports

    Global Reinsurance / Insurance Times UK


    July 2016


    Why Brandjacking matters and how to handle potential threats



    Smart Nation is the Future: Governance key to innovating



    Why financials can be hidden in plain sight

    IR Magazine


    Make sure your boss gets the message

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    June 2016

    Most risk managers don't understand reputation risk

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    Lessons from my first startup experience - just because it's legal doesn't mean it's ethical.



    May 2016

    If your supply chain is morally suspect, this is how you should react

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    Diversity in Marketing and Comms in APAC

    Campaign Asia


    January 2016

    Getting Boards into Reputation Risk Management

    Jakarta Post


    Getting Boards into Reputation Risk Management

    Insead Knowledge


    November 2015

    Who should lead your crisis management team?

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    Volkswagen woes highlight reputation risks

    Business Insurance


    Firms must define their reputation currency

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    Firms must define their reputation currency

    Global Reinsurance


    September 2015

    Volkswagen Emissions Scandal has vast

    reputation and insurance implications.

    Strategic Risk Magazine


    June 2015

    How not to respond to a scandal.

    Insead KNOWLEDGE


    March 2015

    The Future of Enterprise Applications

    CIO White Paper for Belgian Software Development Company PegusApps


    July 2014

    How can Companies benefit from improving access to Medicines

    RepRisk INSIGHT July Edition | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000


    Sustaining competitive advantage and brand value in China

    RepRIsk INSIGHT July Edition | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000


    March 2014

    Robinson Guest Interview

    Network Dessous March Edition Intima Asia 2014 |pp106-119 Circulation: 7,000


    March 2013

    M&S on the Implementation of Greener Business in Supply Chain.

    RepRisk INSIGHT March Edition 2013 | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000


    A Retail Giant’s Evolutionary Approach to Water in it’s Supply Chain.

    RepRisk INSIGHT March Edition 2013 | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000


    Risk and Reputation in the Fashion and Luxury Sectors

    RepRisk INSIGHT March Edition 2013 | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000

    August 2012


    WWF and Coca-Cola work together for better water management outcomes

    RepRisk INSIGHT August Edition 2012 | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000


    March 2012

    Keeping your Good Name and the Cost of Losing It

    RepRisk INSIGHT March Edition 2012 | RepRisk AG | Circulation: 10,000



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    This is what happens when 15 women collaborate.  They create an online summit with 15...
    October 15, 2019 · Gender Diversity,Inclusion,Unconscious Bias
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    This month marked the end of my chapter as Chief Innovation Officer and local Director of...
    May 29, 2019 · Prognostic,In Vitro Diagnostic,Severe Dengue
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    There is talk in Singapore that with all the fund mega raises this year, early-stage venture...
    So.... you have decided to launch your venture but have no idea where to start... As the queen...
    You may have seen the Facebook trending fictitious video of the sea of swarming drones that is...
    When Elon Musk posted his April Fool's/Easter joke re a Tesla Bankruptcy, it appears no one was...

    Leesa is the lead author of the upcoming Book series "Reputation Risk in an Asian Century"

    Reputation Risks in an Asian Century



    New Report: Smallholder Agritech Business Models
    broken image

    Strategic Risk Magazine

    Leesa Soulodre, Investor in Inspirit IoT and adjunct faculty member at the Singapore Management University (SMU), argues more focus needs to be placed on establishing ethical principles and guidelines for the creation and deployment of new AI technologies.

    StrategicRisk Magazine - The Journal - Recalls and Reputation Risk - Chapter 4
    broken image

    Strategic Risk Magazine

    Special Report - Supply Chain Resilience, Page 7

    broken image
    • Provides a comprehensive overview of global attempts to create climate-resilient societies
    • Presents an invaluable survey of key themes and challenges
    • Reports on best practices and lessons learned

    Living reference work

    The Palgrave Handbook of Climate Resilient Societies

    broken image

    In her latest publication series "Reputation Risks in an Asian Century" Soulodre features expert commentary, cases and insights from trusted expert practitioners in disciplines of reputation, cybersecurity, physical and digital securitisation, and risk management.

    broken image

    Mike Love

    Former Communications Director

    Microsoft, McDonald's, British Telecom, Advisor to Margaret Thatcher

    Sara Gori, Head of Reputation Risk, AXA Group

    Sara Gori

    Head of Group Reputation Risk

    AXA SA

    Pierre Noel, Former CISO/CPO Huawei, Former CISO Microsoft

    Pierre Noel

    Former CISO / CPO Huawei

    Former CSO Microsoft

    Terence Yap, Chairman Guardforce AI Group

    Terence Yap


    Guardforce AI Group

    Clare Markham, CoFounder and COO, Startuptoken.com Blockchain Accelerator

    Clare Markham

    Cofounder, COO


    Blockchain Accelerator

    Dr Janson Yap, Managing Partner  Cognitive Computing Centre  Deloitte South East Asia

    Dr. Janson Yap

    Chief Risk Officer

    National University of Singapore Office of Risk Management and Oversight

    Herbert Heitmann, Former Brand and Communications Director Bayer, SAP and Royal Dutch Shell.

    Dr. Herbert Heitmann

    Former Brand and Communications Director Bayer, SAP and Royal Dutch Shell; Association of Communications Directors

    Peter Hlavnicka, Brand and IP Protection Fitbit Asia Pacific

    Peter Hlavnicka

    Former IP and Brand Protection Leader at Nortel, Dolby Laboratories, Blackberry & SunPower