Women's Forum for the Economy and Society

· Gender Diversity,Inclusion,Unconscious Bias
A conversation about inclusive leadership at #WFAsia 2019.  Sharing my favorite panel from the Women's Forum Asia 2019 #WFAsia 2019 and the stand out quotes from @AXAAsia CEO, @Gordon Watson and Amazon Board Member, @Indra Nooyi.

"Judge me for my competence" Indra Nooyi

“How do you design communities where multi-generations can live? How do you integrate flexibility in the workforce? It’s time to bring all these issues and tackle all of them together.” - Indra Nooyi

“ I made up work with work. I just worked hard” - Indra Nooyi

"To be the first woman on the board, you need to have incredible courage." - Indra Nooyi

"When you are a woman on the board, don't try to act like an alpha male. We forget that we need to represent women on the board" - Indra Nooyi

“It’s important that you don’t bring in diversity and then strip away that confidence.” - Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi, Former Chairwoman & CEO, Pepsico

“Many people say it’s tough to reach gender parity in talent; I challenge that. If you look at the number of people in the last couple of years graduating with a master’s degree, for every man there are 1.6 women. The pipeline is large.” - Gordon Watson

“Know where you are, know where you want to be. Start the journey.” Gordon Watson

“One way to overcome bias: see yourself as others see you - be honest about who you are. Shine a light, be committed. Walk the talk.” - Gordon Watson

"Achieving parity through meritocracy is what it's all about." - Gordon Watson

"Being fair, giving the opportunity to get everyone where they can be." - Gordon Watson

“The behaviour becomes the culture" - Gordon Watson

Gordon Watson, AXA Asia, AXA